I've had this T.V. going on 6 years, and it started flickering, so i did some research on what the problem could be. All of the sites pointed towards the main power board being bad, so i replaced that off an Ebay company, and when i hook it up ...IT STILL FLICKERS! PLEASE any help would be GREAT!
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  1. It is not the power supply. It is the inverter boards on either side if the unit behind the cover. But the inverter boards really are not the problem. It is the four capacitors that are on them. It is a cheap fix. You can go to radio shack and buy them for like 1.50 a piece. Just when soldering them back on to make sure you have the polarity right. After you do that your tv will be flicker free again. If you have any questions you can email me at hope this helps you. Just make sure when buying the capacitor that you get the same uf rating on them you can have a higher voltage rating but the uf rating has to be the same. It should be 470uf .
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