Best "cheap" 1080p 32"?

So I have a 24" and its pretty good, but i want moar for my pc games, ps3 games and movies (: i'll stand about....almost 3 feet from it so obviously 1080p is a must.

ill be using a 6950, should i get a 1gig version or a 2gig? will there be any diffrence?

also, which one do you reccomend? is there one for "gaming" or within the 350-500 range thats worth getting? Thanks again! If not ill just get the 27" samsung 1ms monitor, but sicne i have a 24" well it wouldunt be that huge of an upgrade especially when sometimes watching movies from my bed.

Thanks again!
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  1. if your from the uk then id say the one i got 32 inch 1080p led digital hd tv got it a week ago seems to have a problem with dvi to hdmi for pc set up but still looks good with a vga

    its £350 and would say worth a look
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