How to get rid of the muffle sound using co1u microphone

Whats good Toms Hardware? I have a question for any veteran engineer or aspiring engineer. I'm recording in my apartment, obviously no sound proofing because of that. I'm using the CO1U USB microphone and I'm using Cakewalk Music Creator 3 right now. Sometimes I use Sonar Le. I've been recording for years now and I can't seem to get that little irritating "effect" out of my vocals. No matter what mic I use. Its like somebody put a towel over my mouth. You can hear everything just fine but its not music worthy. Its more like very clear telephone talk. I don't know if its because of the computer or if its just me not getting the EQ right. But I need help. is my myspace page and there will be different songs on there that were made with different studio softwares. No matter what, that sound remains. Its annoying because I know its suppose to sound a lot cleaner. I think one person tried to ask this question before it didn't come out like this. I'm sure its not just me having this problem. I even went as far as to recording in the closet and building a cardboard and comforter panel to sit behind and beside the mic. Whatever suggestions you have please help.
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    What good is toms hardware? For dozens, it's actually less of a waste of time than facebook.

    And now, on to the audio question: "why does this mic sound like a jet plane with asthma?"

    Well, it IS the computer. Computers don't have really great microphone preamps.
    The preamp in the computer is really intended for communications, not music. You should use an external mixer, plug the mic into the mixer input. The mixer output connects to the computer LINE input.
    The mixer has attenuation (gain) for the input, EQ, and output level controls. All these things will make the mixer sound better for a mic preamp.
    There are also stand alone mic preamps, and it would not hurt to use a good microphone, like SM-58.
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  3. Thanks for the info.. I'm sure that's goin to help a lot. I never thought of it like that. But when I said "whats good" I meant "whats up" or "how are you doing?"
  4. Did you find that using a mixer helped? I am experiencing the same issue.
  5. Did you find that using a mixer helped? I am experiencing the same issue.
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