Inspiron 620 Bios issues

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 620 roughly two years ago. Since then, it has had sporadic issues with Bios. Specifically, it has a tendency to not turn on when turned off, and when it does turn on, it will usually flash orange on the power button and make beeping sounds.

I thought I solved the issue a few months ago when I updated the Bios, but it began again after I unplugged my computer and moved it across the room. Does anyone know anything about what is happening and how it can be fixed? I'm using Windows 7, and everything in the computer is stock.

Suggestions and help is much appreciated! :D
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  1. You need to pay close attention to the 'Beep Sounds'. The beeps will come in a certain order or certain sequence, you will need to then check these on your manual or on Dells website as each beep relates to a certain error on the PC. You should also watch the 4 flashing lights on the reverse of the case as they can also indicate what errors are occurring during boot up. If you think it is BIOS related, I would re-flash the BIOS either with the latest or a previous version.
  2. "Beep Codes" from the manual. Your computer might emit a series of beeps during start-‑up if there are errors or problems. This series of beeps, called a beep code, identifies a problem. If this occurs, write down the beep code and check for possible reasons below, well report it here.

    Beep Code >> Possible Problem

    One >> Possible system board failure — BIOS ROM checksum failure
    Two >> No RAM detected
    NOTE: If you installed or replaced the memory module, ensure that the memory module is seated properly.
    Three >> Possible system board failure — Chipset error
    Four >> RAM read/write failure
    Five >> Real Time Clock failure
    Six >> Video card or chip failure
    Seven >> Processor failure

    Now directly from the manual, another important thing.

    Power Problems

    If the power light is off —

    The computer is in hibernate mode, turned off, or is not receiving power.
    • Press the power button. The computer resumes normal operation if it is off or in hibernate mode.
    • Reseat the power cable into the power connector on the computer and the electrical outlet.
    • If the computer is plugged into a power strip, ensure that the power strip is plugged into an electrical outlet and that the power strip is turned on.
    • Temporarily bypass power protection devices, power strips, and power extension cables to verify that the computer turns on properly.
    • Ensure that the electrical outlet is working by testing it with another device, such as a lamp.
    • Ensure that the power supply light on the back of the computer is on. If the light is off there may be a possible problem with the power supply or the power cable.
    • If the problem persists, contact Dell (see “Contacting Dell” on page 57).

    If the power light is solid white and the computer is not responding —

    The display may not be connected or powered on.
    • Ensure that the display is properly connected and then turn it off, then back on.
    • If the problem persists, contact Dell (see “Contacting Dell” on page 57).

    If the power light is solid amber —

    The computer is in sleep/standby mode or there might be a problem with the system board or the power supply.
    • Press a key on the keyboard, move the connected mouse, or press the power button to resume normal operation.
    • If the problem persists, contact Dell (see “Contacting Dell” on page 57).

    If the power light is blinking amber —

    The computer has detected an error during POST. There might be a problem with the system board or the power supply. For assistance, contact Dell (see “Contacting Dell” on page 57).

    Are any of those codes applicable to your case?
  3. Thanks for the help guys. However, my computer started working fine yesterday. I gave it some time and so far, it's fine. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'll leave my computer alone until this happens again and refer to this for advice.

    Thanks again! :D
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