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Female to Female Audio cable

Last response: in Home Audio
January 4, 2011 8:12:57 PM


I have a Dell U2311H which as you all might know doesnt have an HDMI port (has a DVI Port).

So I bought one of these cables ( which is HDMI to DVI plus 3.5mm jacks...

now when I plugin my Xbox through this cable to the monitor the audio is supposedly in the output jacks provided...what I want to do is to route this audio to my Sony MDR-V6...

For this purpose I was looking for a Female to Female audio adapter...I am not sure if such a thing exists or not but it would be really helpful if you guys could help me with the following:

1. Does a F2F audio cable exist? If so where can I get it (I live in India so that is another problem but I am not sure if many people here are familiar with my country)?

2. Is there any alternative like routing the audio through my computer aka motherboard? I have a Gigabyte GMA 880 USB3 with Realtek 7.1 onboard card.

Thanks in advance
January 5, 2011 7:57:00 AM

Sounds like you may have to learn to solder* -- female audio sockets and suitable cable should be available at an electronics hobby store (or similar) who can also sell you a soldering iron and solder.

* A skill well worth acquiring if you are interested in electronics.