Advice needed upgrading pb ixtreme m3720

hi guys i have a packard bell ixtreme m3720 intel core 2quad Q8300 @2.50ghz, 4gb ram i think its got nvidia 7100 and running on windows 7. I know very little about computers, i have trawled the internet trying to get a better understanding but i really need some sound recommendations from some people in the know.
I would like to make my pc play games like arma2 and eve online on max settings with a good fps. what graphics card and psu would you recommend to achieve this, also should i get more ram and is my processor up to the job.
my aim is to make it better than a ps4.
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  1. It appears as though you have two PCI Express slots on the motherboard, 1 1X and 1 16X. These video cards are available from NewEgg for the PCI Express 16X slot.
    It also appears that the motherboard is a micro ATX board so these power supplies might work.
    As far as RAM goes the max supported on that motherboard is 8GB which will be useful if you are using the 64bit version of Windows 7. I'm not sure about a processor upgrade. Check the computer requirements for the game(s) in question. You want to exceed the minimum requirements for good game play. You can enter the computer serial number at for more information on your computer.
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