help me build my first rig

case:a generic case with 450 watts psu
motherboard: MSI k7n2 delta
Cpu: Athlon Xp Barton 2500
Video card: Sapphire 9700 np
Ram: Kingston value ram pc3200
cd drive: liteon 52x24x52
floppy: from old computer
I want to be able to play Half life 2 and Doom 3 .Change anything in the same price range plz.Also i want to oc my barton and 9700.Thnx for ur help!
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  1. o ya i forgot
    Hdd: maxtor 80 gb 7200rpm 2mb
  2. A good brand 350W PSU will be better than generic 450W PSU.

    Kingston ValueRAM PC3200 is not recommended for best peformance or overclocking. Buy Kingston HyperX PC3200 CL2.0 or Corsair XMS PC3200 for overclocking/running memory at most aggressive settings

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  3. Heya Angelus;

    Well where to start, Foundation is the key and your motherboard is the foundation on which you build your computer core, i suggest you buy a Dual Channel Memory motherboard, MSI, Gigabyte and Asus make the best however A-open is starting to make a comeback the quality of their boards have improved markedly as of late.

    As im sure you know if you have done any research and im sure you have, you need to buy a CPU with the fastest Core Frequency and Front Side Bus as you can afford, go ahead and buy the xp2600 its only 5 dollars more on
    and for $25 more you can get the xp2700.

    As far as Video Cards are concerned buy a pro model of the Radeon you wont be sorry, you will want to make sure you get the 8x AGP version with 128MB of DDR onboard. These flavors of the card are monsters and are well worth the couple extra bucks for the performance increase you get.

    As far as ram goes you will be fine with Samsung its good quality ram and its affordable. i suggest you take a look at , choose option-C for the CL-2 upgrade,and pay the extra $15 per module you wont regret it.

    repeat after me " is my friend" heheh

    I hope i have Helped.

  4. good choice of components. the barton 2500 is an excellent overclocker. you might want to get better ram though as it can cause all sorts of weird probs if your ramcant cut it. OCZ PC3200 cl2 is very good and not too expensive either. id get the pro version ot the9700 rather than the non pro tho
  5. whats a good nforce 2 board i was thinking either msi k7n2 delta , epox 8rda3+ , or asus a7n8x i want best performance and best overclockablility and what ram should i choose ocz , corsair , or kingston for a very low price
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