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am trying to run downloaded upgrade of Windows 7 home premium to resolve issues from virus. when I run the exe file, trying to install gets to the blue screen that says install now, wont go any further. Have tried a variety of fixes including uninstalling virus software etc.
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  1. What are you upgrading from ?
  2. windows 7, but running the upgrade not custom to save other software and files.
  3. If you have a virus an upgrade install won't fix it, only a clean reinstall will remove a virus.
  4. virus has been removed, but it appears some issues remain. just wanted to clean up. Don't understand why it freezes at the install now screen.
  5. Did you try a system restore ?
  6. did system restore, ran norton, and spyhunter, reghunter, etc. doing the upgrade to windows 7 just to clean any issues. Now that it wont run, makes me nervous.
  7. What version of Windows do you have and wahat version of Windows is the upgrade ? If both versions are the same and the Windows 7 Home Premium is what you used originaly to upgrade your OS then that could be why it's freezing.
  8. is there a way around that?
  9. Just got to thinking about it, and it stops at the install now screen which is before you choose custom or upgrade, so it shouldnt freeze at this point, and i am pretty sure that was able to do an upgrade this way on another computer having similar problems and i didnt have this problem. I am convinced there is some minor issue i need to tweek to get this to work just dont know what it is.
  10. Which kinda issue is that you´ve been trying o solve?
  11. You don't have an option to save your files and personal data ? Can you burn them to a disc or copy to a usb stick ?
    There is one thing you casn try to do and that is to create a system image on a seperate partition and then you can delete and format the partition with the OS on it and once the install is done you can restore from the system image your personal files or you could make a partition on your hard drive and install your Windows upgrade on it and the you can transfer you files over and the format the partition.
    Sounds confusing but it may be a way out for you if you want to think it over , just go into disk management and see if you can make a seperate parition on the hard drive.
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