so i bought a custom pc a few months ago and just now i started playing some high end games but while i see alot of guys play games like crysis, gta IV and such smooth on high setting i can only play smooth on low and even need to lower the resolution at times is there something wrong with my computer, ive heard of this this called bottle necking but i don't know if this is even possible

my computers specs:

OS: windows 64 bit ultimate (build 7600, 6.1)

cpu: AMD FX(tm)-6100 six-core processor 3.3GHZ

memory: 16gb ram

Video card: Geforce GT 630 4gb

anybody some suggestions ? :/
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I think your graphics card is rather lacking but I think a lot of the difference you may be seeing is due to overclocking the CPU and GPU - it can make a huge difference in some games. I'm not seeing super impressive numbers with the 6100 and 630 on those games, 35 fps at medium 1080p is the best I found (no mention of clock speeds) but I suspect nicely overclocked
    You can test individual components, CPU, GPU, and memory by running stress tests on them. Except for the Intel programs listed (the first two), all of these programs should work for you. and should be used (IMO) sometime or another to test or stress your computer and although not on the list, I prefer CoreTemp to SpeedFan
    Hope it helps
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