Case fan? or not...

Built a new PC last night, but it was only after I put it together that I realised I'd forgotten to get any case fans, so it currently has none.

XP1800+ @ 2070Mhz(180x11.5) [Don't u just love T-bred 'B's :) ]
Epox 8RDA+
MSI Geforce 4 Ti4800SE
HSF:CoolerMaster Aero 7+
Temps : around 45C Idle, 53.5C Full load.

Do you guys think I should stick at least an exhaust fan in? Ordinarily I'd leave it and keep an eye on the temps, but the system's not for me, so I'll only have it for another couple of days.

Oh yeah - any recommendations for a case fan, if I need one?

It's a Chieftec Case, and has some weird purple plastic clip thing for a fan (80MM I reckon - working from memory here), but I guess that can probably be removed if I decide on a bigger fan...

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  1. fans are cheap. get one of those $5.99 fan from sunon or something
  2. A fan is not going to hurt at all. If you get one just make sure its a quiet fan. You can always download a temp program like motherboard monitor and see what its running at. not sure on what fans are quiet but I would say any low rpm fan would do just fine.
  3. If the computer is for someone else then I'd say put the fan in just to be sure that they don't smack you later should something happen. It would probably be fine without the fan, but for such a small cost I personally wouldn't even leave that factor up to chance.

    Good quiet fans to look for would be something from Panaflow, Titan, or Vantec if you stick to their Stealth line. Otherwise just avoid high RPM fans if you're not overly concerned about the noise.

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