5.1 to pc

i have abandoned the idea of working out how to connect my cinema sound system to my pc.

i now am thinking about buying a cheep but cheerful 5.1 pc sound system


but my mate says my mobo wont run it.. from what iv been told that sound system the I/O connection is just 1 jack for the set up to pc ....

can someone shine some light into my problem :/

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  1. What motherboard so you have?

    A single 3.5mm jack can only do carry 2 channels. For 5 channels you need no less than 3x 3.5mm jacks on your soundcard/motherboard.

    If you motherboard has that many jacks, then it can definitely take it but otherwise you won't be able to run it.

    You should try setting up your home theater system. If you have a HDMI graphics card, it should be able to pass sound to your home theater. If your motherboard has optical or coax out, it can do it too.
  2. yeah i was speaking to my friend this morning, i dont have enough jacks on the back of my mobo. so instead he has told me to invest in a sound card. in the past i have previously had one but it had issues with windows 7 so i sold it.
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