CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2098

Hey! I been thinking about a new gaming computer! has anyon have any clue how good a CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2098 works?
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  1. Hard to say, Cyberpower does not use a standardized model numbering system (at least not one I've figured). Best to give specs for CPU, ram, graphics and PSU. We can guide you with that info only, or post a link to your proposed build
  2. Thanks so much for the reply, here is the link to the product on newegg.

    Can you see if the graphics card is pgradable, i wanna be able to play arma 2 dayz mod
    thank you
  3. I'm not really caring for a few of the build parts, notably the included CyberPowerPC "XtremeGear" PSU - not a very good unit, a search of that may be enlighting. The rest of it isn't too bad but if you're considering upgrading the graphics card, I would really suggest upgrading the PSU when you do.
  4. Upgrade with a decent corsair or seasonic PSU.

    I agree with C12Friedman ,you need a decent PSU first.
  5. I totally agree, but what wattage?
  6. After the PSU is upgraded; What do you suggest for the graphics card this will support the game DayZ on high settings?
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