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Hello all, I have an HP DV6 laptop with a 7690mXT gpu.

The story is, about three days ago, I was playing Diablo III on this laptop. It then started to have disconnect issues for a half hour and I saw that an HP update needed installing so; I got aggravated and logged off Diablo because of the random disconnects that never happened and it updated the BIOS. I log back in and I hear NO startup tone from the speakers, so I log back into Diablo III and there is NO sound WHATSOEVER at ALL. I try my other games such as Counter Strike Source and there is NO sound WHATSOEVER. So I go to the internet and the speakers work, youtube and stickam sounds are coming through fine. So it SINGLED out my games as totally from sound AND the main tones of general computer recyvle bins and the test tone when you change the volume.

That was the first thing that happened, so I turned it off and now I'm back this morning.
So, I pulled the device manager and opened the sound drivers; clicked the AUDIO sound CODEX and at that time it was the new driver from july something. In the driver menu thing there are TWO devices as it says: SPEAKERS AND HEADPHONES for the default device, and HEADPHONES is set as the default communication device.

The headphones has sound going through it, all sounds, but the speakers have NOTHING coming through it at all this time. No youtube or internet sounds at all. Dead. But EVERYTHING is set to be on including within Diablo and Counter Strike:nothing is muted. So I rolled back the sound drivers and It displayed the same devices for sound but with different headings using the OLD driver. The headings read what I actually have: SPEAKERS, and then HEADPHONES. NOT communications device headphones. So at that time; it literally fixed itself and the speakers worked properly so I would say that it should have also worked or Diablo III and Counter Strike Source. So I was glad and a waring sign popped up and told me to restart the comouter for the changes to take effect.....so I did.
Then its the same thing except now I cannot hear through the speakers at all.

Could anyone help me? I do not use anything but the HEADPHONES for HEARING not comunications or earphones I should say and speakers would always work.

The OTHER thing was that I checked the Diablo III debug notepad file and it could not make the speakers or headphones to work.
SO I went to a forum and it said that Diablo III only uses the DEFAULT DEVICE. Period. My default device is the; you guessed it, the non sound outputting speakers so JUST now I set the sound output to the COMMUNICATIONS HEADPHONES and then WHAM! I hear sound :D but no speakers at all, no sound and its NOT a communications device; the earphones.

So if anyone could help me. Please take my novel into consideration. xD
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  1. Your novel needs work because it's hard to follow as to what works and what doesn't and where you stand right now as far as do the headphoines work or do the speakers work or do neither one work or do both work.
    When you are using headphones and they are pluged in the sound will go through them and for the sound to go through the speakers you have to unplug the headphones.
  2. Yeah I was in a rush when I typed that. Sorry about that, anyways. It installed the new drivers. Then the sound did not work properyl except through the "communication headphones", in other words. Sound only came through the headphones and the speakers did not work whatsoever although everything was not muted or on low volume. So after That, I just rolled the driver back to the older one that this laptop came with and it seemed to fix itself to where the heading of the devices changed to HEADPHONES and SPEAKERS and the speakers worked fine; as they are right now.
    So as of right now I have on the NEW drivers and for some strange reason; its now the old drivers that do not work correctly. Its as if it swapped problems or something. I have no idea. But its working fine now. Diablo III is using the default audio devic output that is working with the new drivers.
    But the problem is, as it somehow works right now,it says to restart and let te changes take effect but I know that if I do that it will not work again and I will have to jump from he new drivers to the old ones until they work. I can't really explain it that well. its a pain. So when I restart this laptop, the changes will take effect and it should keep the sound on but I know that it will not do that since I restarted it already at least 5 or six times and I had to roll the drivers forward and backwards until it worked so..only a matter of time until it probably will no work again. I don't get it. -_-
    its like a lightswitch with the conection being complete; so as to make the actual bulb lightup but this lightswitch does not light-up. I KNOW it works though.
  3. If you go into the action center and run the trouble shooter it may find what is causing the problem and offer a solution.
  4. Yeah, it works. SOMEHOW I fixed it. Just updated and re-updated then did not restart to allow the changes to take place and it worked. Fixed with new update.
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