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Did any of you guys and gals know there was a FarCry movie released in 2008, based on the original FarCry game?

I just finished watching it, and compared to the game they made some changes, the monkey Trigens were MIA, the soldiers were genetically altered but not quite as ugly.

But it had Jack and Val, Jack was pretty much Jack, but Val was not CIA, but a reporter.

Anyhow it had Dr Kreiger and wasn't a half bad B movie, but it was cool to see it.

Any of you FarCry fans seen the movie?
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  1. Do you have the link for downloading it. I wanna see the movie, please.

  2. Its on Showtime Beyond HD part of the Showtime movie package on TV
  3. May sounds good. But I do like the concept of FarCry's survival. Wish the weapons has M4A1 in it. *pew* *pew*..
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