Formatting acer aspire 5520

I just tried to install windows 7 into my laptop and it wont boot up now and i cant get into bios to put the cd as #1 boot.Bios is asking for a password that i didnt set up so I cant get in.So I cannot run anything off the cd it just goes to a black screen with a curser flashing in the corner.Is there any other way to fdisk or format the drive?

Thanks for any help
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  1. There's no point in formatting the drive if you don't have the BIOS password.
  2. The problem I have is I need to boot from the cd cause for some dumb reason I cannot boot from the soon as it checks the hd it goes blank. Must have got some glitch while installing so i just want to reinstall or format the hd so it can get past the glitch.How can i get the password with out booting up.I already looked for the bios battery or jumper I dont see one any where.
  3. Clearing BIOS passwords is difficult - though I don't know how you came into possession of a notebook with one not knowing it.
  4. Thats easy I bought it second hand from the newspaper never thought to ask for a bios password.
  5. You didn't turn it on before you bought it? (especially if it was local) You must have the contact information of the seller.
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