What would be the good settings for a 2800+ Barton

hmm... I just bought my 2800+ Barton CPU, and it currently runs at FSB 166 and the multiplier settings at 12.5.
Im thinking of overclocking this CPU, but i need to know which setting will be the most stable. All i know is that it wouldnt be good past 190, i just dont want to fry this one.
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  1. FSB speed is not normally what fries cpus. It is more often because of bad cooling, and the added voltage we put to vcore. If you are running an nforce mobo, the best gains are in memory bandwidth, about 20% per each 33mhz of fsb. Having said that I will tell you that no two rigs oc the same. The way I go is to bump the fsb a bit and then check temps and stability. When things become unstable I add voltage or drop multiplier. Its a game of chicken, do you feel lucky?
  2. Ehi! i'm running your same cpu... now the correct and ULTRA STABLE setting are: [if your mainboard support it!]
    fsb at 200
    cycles at 11
    ....voltage is the same, the temperature is stable or LOWER
    and your m.b. will tell you that you've a 3200+ cpu!
    your future mhz will be at 2.24ghz!
    you will be faster 30% greater than now! 'dere'

    fell free to taste it! you will be surprised of its power!!

    God is a girl.
  3. heya moe;

    I usually dont OC more then 200Mhz on the CPU core frequency, much past that and you get instability and have to raise the voltage on your core.

    If i were you i wouldnt mess with your core voltage, unless you wanna risk frying it, AMD runs hot as it is and if you dont have better then factory cooling your asking for trouble, you MIGHT be able to get away with more then 200Mhz without raising your core voltage which is safe to try, however if you plan on trying to raise your core voltage be carefull, I wouldnt go up more then one step which is 0.1v, even though this will possibly allow you to OC past 200Mhz i wouldnt suggest you try.

    Instead i suggest you OC your External cpu frequency.
    Clock it at 181 or 182, you can try 200 there is a chance it will make it, this will yield better results then OCing your core frequency, and you wont risk frying your CPU.

    I hope i have Helped.

  4. Aslong as the voltage is sensible (not over 2 volts) and the core doesn't go above 60C, the only risk is shortening the life of the cpu, say from 10 years to 5 or if you run it at 70C at 2 volts or over then 1 minute :D hehehe...

    If the coolings upto the job, dont be afraid to push for the high speeds!

    2100xp @ 2300mhz (200x11.5 @ 1.9v)
    Epox 8RDA3+ Nforce 2 ultra 400
    2x512mb pc3200
    ATI 9700 pro
    3DMARK 2K1 = 16,000
  5. Thanks for ur help guys, right now im gonna try over clocking it to 180 around there, with some thermal paste and a vantec aeroflow fan.
  6. hmm i wounder: if u OC a 2100+ and a 2500+ to 200x11 they r both 2200mhz = 3200+, but i guess the 2500+ is still faster ???
  7. Yeah if you compare the review of the 3200 barton at 2.2ghz on 200mhz fsb that tom did you will see that it gets just over 16,000 3dmarks which is what i get with a 2.3ghz tbred...

    2100xp @ 2300mhz (200x11.5 @ 1.9v)
    Epox 8RDA3+ Nforce 2 ultra 400
    2x512mb pc3200
    ATI 9700 pro
    3DMARK 2K1 = 16,000
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