Building a Computer (Budget of 1000 dollars)

Hey I didn't know what to categorize this under but my friend is looking to build a dektop computer and needs to know what he can get for under $1000. He currently has an i5 processor and is willing to downgrade to i3, but I really don't think that is a good idea after reading about the differences. He uses whatever he has for gaming, nothing too hardcore but he will need a good graphics card and processor (doesn't have to be i5, but you get what I mean)

Anyways, past that he has no specifications. My personal thoughts are somewhere between 500Gb and 1Tb HDD, 6gb of ram, but i have no clue past that. If somebody can explain what he should get to me, that would be great :)

(and maybe where to actually ask such a question on this site xD

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  1. The best section to ask that in would be the "Systems" section here there is currently a 'bonus' going there - the first stickies are from a best build for the $$ type 'competition' here. This one specifically should be of interest
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