Yet Another New Kick-Ass System

Need maximum speed for calculations and database hits... not too graphics intensive but i do have a weak spot for certain strategy games... I'd love to hear your guys opinions on how to build a VERY fast box with the latest stuff...

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  1. Doesn't anyone have some opinions on what's best now? mobo, cpu, ram?
  2. If money isn't an issue....

    Motherboard - ASUS P4P800 DELUXE
    Processor - p4 3.0c or wait until (monday?) and get 3.2c
    Ram - 1 Gig corsair pc3500 (2x512)

    As you haven't said if your looking for the who shabang or not, I just listed the core. (Motherboard, Memory, Processor) Hope that helps.

    -non computer guru
  3. I just built a brand new system and I'm loving it.

    Motherboard - ASUS P4C800 DELUXE (note the C, it makes the system cost about $50 more then the p but I like the idea of haveing the offical pat rather then hyperpath)
    Processor - p4 2.8c (with the fsp set to 215 for a cpu speed of 3012 mhz running around 33-36 idle and low 50s with intese gameing)
    Ram - 1 Gig Kingston HyperX pc3500 (2x512)
    Video - I'm running an ATI 9700 Pro but I would just go with the new NVIDIA 5900 as I already had the 9700.
    Power - Antec True Power 430
    Case - Antec Performance Plus 1080AMG with 4 fans (1 more is optional)
    Well tool around and read up on everything.
    Good luck.
  4. Hi!

    Consider this just as a general thoughts, since I have far to little information about your needs, I just play with some ideas. Please do come back with more info about your specifik needs and perhaps even your budget and timelimit.

    Calculations and databashits? Well, how about a dual opteron solution? Atleast consider it. Anyway, as far as I know (stikin out the old neck here) teh good old AMDs are better than the Intels at this department. Becasue its raw caluculation power you need, not bandwith where the Intels are superior.

    Now there is Opteron mobos with AGP. Only money is an object.
    "NTSI Announces Opteron with AGP graphics for CAD/CAM

    Technology Solutions, Inc.(NTSI) announced a new 64 bit workstation based on the Arima HDAMB motherboard and the AMD OpteronTM processor. This is the first Opteron motherboard to support the high performance 8X AGP graphics cards needed by the engineering community. "


  5. Since extra onboard features don't give you more performance, I'd probably go with the Abit IS7 and a P4 3.0C. But I'd wait until the 3.2C comes out, because that should push the 3.0C into more reasonable pricing.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  6. It's better to concentrate on the processor, ram, and mobo.
    Since you don't like some intensive gaming.
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