How to choose CIS or CCD

hi, I have question.

I hope buy scanner, normal used: ADF to scanner A4 paper

I like that For Small Business/ Or home all-in-one device.

But, someone said CCD , some said CIS.

How to select? If normal used ADF to doing scanner, CIS or CCD is no difference?

because only paper, no 3D object?

any idea please!
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  1. If your normal use is with an ADF, I personally cannot see any advantages either way.

    In my experience, a CIS scanner like my Canon gets out of focus when the source is lifted off the glass, such as near the binding of the book or on a wrinkled page.

    The CCD scanners like my Brother and Epson stay in focus for a short distance from the glass but you can certainly tell the areas not pressed against the glass as they're usually darker.

    As for quality, I personally don't see any differences between the better products, and for reference, most of my scans are at 200 or 300 dpi.

    I would suggest a model that uses LED illumination instead of a CFL tube for faster startup and more consistent color quality.

    The biggest thing that affects your scan quality is your knowledge of how to use the scanning dialog, such as setting the black, gray and white levels at scan time.

    Hope that helps.
  2. If you want to record the image of an object such as a watch or chain or some other jewellery the CIS sensor scanner is totally useless I have used a CCD sensor scanner for many years and have had excellent results in fact many people having seen the images after they have been photo shopped assume that the images have been professionally photographed instead of being just placed face down on the scanner glass Its a great pity that the manufacturers place so little importance on this quality. Instead mass producing nearly every new scanner with a CIS sensors as a cost cutting exercise just because it makes for clear flat paper copying maybe they should produce a dual sensor scanning machine with a manual choice depending on what is being scanned
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