AMD Chipset Drivers?! IMPOSSIBLE

Hi Guys, (My blood s boiling at he moment, so excuse my spelling mistakes)

I done a fresh install of Windows 7, Went to the Asus website to install latest Chipset drivers....

All I want is a simple .exe file to run and bobs your uncle.... But NO!

have been given a 300mb file with loads of sh!t, Can anyone help me to understand which file I actually need to install?

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  1. Microsoft usually does a pretty good job with distributing all the drivers that you need. The only thing you should need from the asus website are bios updates.
  2. Unless you are using RAID or something like that, you probably don't even need any special drivers. Give us some specs on your system and maybe we can give you a little more info.
  3. Alrght, f chipset is not needed to be update that wold be great! (I always have trouble with drivers)

    I have:-

    ASUS M5A97
    8GM Vengance RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 550ti
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I have buddy, but there s no clear .exe for just the chip set. There's so many files none with a decent name.
  5. Open the VistaWin7 folder and double click in Asussetup.exe or setup.exe
  6. Ah think I have it buddy!, its just a shame it installs so much rubbish it clogs up my SDD :'(
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