SSD and Win 7 upgrade from HDD and Vista

Hi folks,

Ive done a few searches which has given me confusing conflicts so I thought best to post a more personal problem rather then trying to take bits from 5-6 different posts and getting different answers

Long story short is my younger brother has an Acer Aspire 5740 which has Win7 that got trashed due to him knocking a mug of water on the keyboard. It was just not economical to repair as the m/board was stupid money and rare! So a new was bought..

I myself have an Acer Aspire 5735 which is a slightly older model and running Vista basic.. No problems with the way it was running however, I fancied a SSD upgrade. After reading through articles for some months it was deemed best to use win7 with an SSD with the use of the TRIM command. Im techy but I felt i didn't want to go so advanced trying to get vista to work with the SSD and spend months getting nowhere.

Anyway, I was hoping to use my brothers Win7 software which is no longer in use due to the water incident.. Popped the brand new SSD in my laptop and used my brothers restore dvd's to get win7 on the laptop (which is what im using at the moment)

My problem is that im being asked for a product key activation BUT the product key which is on the bottom of the old broken laptop has partially rubbed a few characters off and he has no other documentation to suggest these missing characters. The old hard drive has already been taken up with his playstation 3 so i cant boot the other HDD up and drag the code back (So to speak)

Is there any way I can get this product key back or im I now looking at buying a Full version to sort this problem out? Also will Vista run just as good on an SSD? If so I may just revert back to vista and muddle my way though sorting it out.
Im not sure 100% if what im going is 100% legal to Microsoft's terms. But thinking logically, I cant see this any different from using a donor engine from another car and using this to power the chassis? Especially if the donor chassis is no longer in service?

Any info from people in the know would be a massive help in making a decision whether to keep with win7 (buying a new license or retrieving the old) or revert back to vista with the SSD.

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  1. Option 1, call them and tell them you need a new product key, motherboard was replaced due to spillage. This is a grey area.
    Option 2, continue with Vista, install Wiper.exe and run regularly. Not too big a deal.

    Good luck.
  2. Technically it is illegal -- Microsoft's terms doesn´t let you to use the software in another computer.

    As you can run Vista on your Laptop, then it seems to be the only option available.

    As for Vista be good or not to run SSDs, you have no choice at the moment, unless you got a new OS.

    SSD performance tweaks for Vista
  3. Thank you very much for your guidance on the above matters.

    I shall revert back to the vista install and give the tweaks a try. Before posting I actually spotted the sticky about SSD and tweaks for vista which looks extremely helpful. I wasnt also aware that win7 had to be left idle for a few hours for the TRIM to get to work. Im fairly religious with my maintenance at the moment regarding defragmentation and such so using the Wiper.exe sounds a fairly easy solution without being overboard.
  4. For curiosities sake...

    If I had of replaced the motherboard and the hard drive had have been ok.. Would I still have needed a new product code from Acer?
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