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I have an athlon 3000 with an MSI k7n2 delta. I read the article on the athlon 3000 vs the pentium 3.06 where it talked about unlocking the multiplier by connenting the loops via "Necessary for connecting the CPU pins on the underside: stranded hook-up wire that has been carefully un-isolated. " My question is what is a stranded hook up wire that has been isolated?? Is this like just a thin wire or something else? Also, how much risk is there in this method, and is this the easiest way to adjust the multiplier speeds?
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  1. I believe the wire description simply refers do a single strand of wire from some average cable (e.g. speaker wire) - just to get a VERY thin bit of wire.

    You have a Barton chip & and nforce2 mobo. AFAIK that should already unlock all multipliers up to 12.5.

    I believe tricks like this are only necessary if you need multipliers greater than 12.5, just try increasing your FSB to somewhere near 200Mhz (or more, if you can!), and the multiplier to 12.5, and you'd end up with 12.5x200 = 2500Mhz. the XP3200 is only 2250Mhz.

    You'll get more gain from high FSB and lower multiplier than the other way around.

    Of course, you might not be able to get that high, it depends on how good your cooling is, and your individual chip, but 2000Mhz by having 10 X 200FSB will be faster than 2080Mhz by having 166x12.5.
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  2. yeah, I will try that and let you know how it goes. Right now i have a thermalright sk7 I think, so its a pretty significant heat sink and I am thinking about grabbing a water cooler, but we will see. actually I was under the impression that overclocking the FSB was not quite as good as getting a multiplier overclock since you also are upping the MHZ on the PCI and memory bus, though feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Consider yourself corrected. Not only does your chip have the higher multipliers (my 2400 has them up to 19) but your pci bus is fixed at 33 no matter what fsb you use,and your agp is set independantly. You really should check out your bios. It's a joy to behold.
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