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I got the " Easy vinyl tape recorder" software with it. When I converted my LP, it recorded in Itunes. But all the songs went to 1 file. How can i differentiate by songs. The software window let me to put down the album title and the performer name, but it was no place to put down the individual songs title.
Also when I recorded 1st side of the LP I could hear the music through the speakers, but when I continue to record the other side I could not hear the music, what I recorded. Why ?
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  1. Some analogue to digital recording software promises to distinguish between music on vinyl LPs and the silent "lands" between tracks and thus create separate files for each track. If this option is not enabled or is not set properly it may not distinguish the silence so it just makes a single file of the whole album site.

    I'm not familiar with this particular piece of software but I have used Audacity which can be used manually to do the same task and with some ease, though it requires a hands-on approach which is quite time consuming.

    One of the difficulties with Audacity and, I suspect, similar products like you have is setting up the sound properties of Windows so that it's set up to monitor Record, rather than Playback. Takes little fiddling.

    I suggest you also spend a little time reading whatever manual is supplied with the software.
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