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Hi guys

I m using hp envy dv 7 and i came with windows 8 preinstalled and due to some reason I had to sent it to the shop to format it to windows 7 home premium.

But I was having trouble when using windows 7 such as blue screen and driver problems and so on.

So I sent it back to the shop to reformat back to windows 8 :cry: and when I told them about the problem that I m facing with windows 7 installed, they told me that the recovery partition have been deleted. :o

But however they have installed the windows 8 in.

So i was just wondering is there anyway to create the recovery partition back and sadly I did not make any recovery disk in the first place.

Thank you. :ange:
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  1. In the control panel under backup and restore, you should be able to create a backup image file. I might suggest saving one to a bootable drive (flash drive or disk) also.
    Hope it helps
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