Toshiba Shaking and Blurry Xbox Game Mode

Hey guys wondering if anyone could help me out...

I have a Toshiba 26" that i use to play Xbox with. I use component cables to set them both up.

Recently, i found out there is a "game mode" option on the tv that reduces the delay while playing games, which it worked!

Only problem is every 15 mins or so, the screen goes blurry and starts to shake real bad. Its lasts somewhere between 5-10 seconds. But i can still control my guy on the ice (NHL 12)...its just really hard to see. So obviously a tv error.

I tried hooking the cables up to the next set of HD component slots, but it still occured.

I have no idea whats causing this shaking and was hoping someone could tell me. I googled the issue and found nothing. I called Toshiba and they tried telling me the tv itself might need an "upgrade" to it, which i doubt.

Please help if you can...would really love to know how to fix this that way i can play xbox in HD and game mode..

Thanks :)

Oh and if this is the wrong place to post this, my apoligies, i just saw HDTV and assumed this was it.
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  1. i fixed it thanks anyway
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