Windows XP install to new HD?

I'm planning on switching my 30 gig hard drive to a 120. The thing is I have installed Windows XP Pro and registered it on line with Microsoft. With switching the hard drives I would have to install XP again. The question is if I do more upgrades with the new XP would I have any problems with my new installed hard drive? Any help is appreciated.


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  1. dont think so, you just haveta re-register the code again (if i am wrong, my mobo upgrade later this summer will be arkward)

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  2. As long as you kept your product key their will be no problem reinstalling Windows XP on the new HDD. Do not bother registering again, you already did and will just get errors if you try a second time. As long as your product key was registered to you, and is unique, you will have no problem getting updates from MS.
  3. You can coppy the entire drive's contents with a program called MaxBlast Plus, the latest revision is available for free on Maxtor's site, and it works with all IDE drives.

    Doing this means you don't need to reinstall anything. The software will copy your 30GB partition and simultaniously expand it to 120GB.

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  4. No, you should be fine. In a worst-case scenario, all you have to do is to make a phone call to Microsoft, and you will have to tell them your registration key, after you've done that, they will tell you to write down a new key in the registration box, do that, press ok, and Windows XP is registered again.

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