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i have a CRT that can run a res. of 2048x1536 but when i goto a game such as: cod4 it will not let me select anything beyond 1600x1200

i just re-installed windows and before i re-installed i was able to run games that supported 2048x1536 at that resolution.

i can select 2048x1536 as my desktop resolution but can not select it in game.
when i try to force the res in the config file in cod4 for example it automatically reverts to the defaults of 640x480 and will not keep 2048x1536

i have also tried this with the in game console with custom res command.

this is really aggravating because i get higher and more stable frame rates @ 2048x1536 than i do @ 1600x1200 plus the higher res makes it look sooo purdy LOL

Thanks for any help ahead of time
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  1. Problem solved.
    i did not want to do it because i know that i was able to game @ 2048x1536 without doing this but i decided to skip all the hard stuff an go straight for the source.

    what i did was bend down (not remove) pin 12 on the vga adapter
    pin 12 sends the edid info that tells it what res the monitor can use.
    its a driver of sorts.
    anyway, remove pin 12, problem solved...
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