Windows 7 - Interaction between Edimax Router and Win7 breeds slow wif

Hi all,
Recently installed Windows 7 and I have been having some weird WIFI problems.
when I connect to my edimax (BR6424N) router, I get very bad connections, with lots of timeouts mid page loading. its is very sporadic and inexplicable. the internet is fine when I connect with a cable and when I connect to the neighbors wifi. It is also fine when I connect my wife's computer to our wifi (she runs vista) and my android tablet is fine too.

I scanned for viruses, changed the wifi password, cleared the cache, and the channel and I also used three different browsers as well as outlook and dropbox and they all have the same problems. If I recall i have a few days where it was fine before this started, I feel like it has to do with updates but that would be pretty weird.

this is really driving me nuts.
any suggestions would be well appreciated.
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  1. If you feel it has to do with a Windows update then you can go to the update section and delete the most recent up to the day you said it changed.
    Go to Control Panel / System and security / Windows updates / view updates and you will see all the updates that have been installed on your computer and you can delete what you want and if there is no change you can always download them again.
    When you connected your router did you go in and change any settings or were you previously using the router and you kept the settings ? Have you rebooted the router power wise ? Since you changed the OS you need to power off and then back on if you were previously using the router.
  2. I reset the router, changed its name, reinstalled the firmware etc.
    do you really think that the updates can screw specifically with edimax? (I don't mind trying, I'll do it later when I'm home.

    The only thing I remember (this happened on Wednesday night) is that I had the computer on all night, uploading a really big file through dropbox. that why the first thing I though was that my ISP capped me or something for uploading 2gb in one night even though that seems weird.

  3. actually I just checked and the last update was two days before the problems started.

    I read somewhere to check that port 80 was open so I checked here:
    and I get **.***.***.*** isn't responding on port 80 (http).

    i guess that cant be good :(
    on the other hand, I connected to my neighbors wifi and the speed is fine but i get the same message
  4. had u tried adding port name to test as the link suggested

    u can tried it at other pc to make sure it was blocked on your rig not on the router.....
  5. You are trihgt, that port is blocked for all my computers, even the ones without problems.

    the windows update is note the culprit,
    A, the last install was two days before the problems
    B, i Uninstalled a whole bunch of ones that could have done it had no effect

    I need more suggestions. thanks
  6. I can't imagine an install of Windows changing the settings in the router but just to verify that the settings are ok you could go through the routers settings and make sure there isn't something there that's been changed.
    What do you have for a lan/network adaptor on the computer ? There are settings in the network stack that can be changed to accomodate higher speeds and if not set right can lead to slow downs. If you go to this site you can not only run speed tests but you can get a diagnosis of any settings that need to be changed.
  7. It seems like it has to do with the battery settings. I think the timeouts for the wifi on specific routers are effected by the battery settings, that being said, this has not solved the problem completely, though i will try and change the battery settings more and think that will fix it up.
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