LG W2442PA-BF vs Dell ST2310 vs Dell 2209WA

which one is best in your opinion?
the LG and the dell ST2310 have higher resolutions then 22inch dell 2209WA which is a + in my opinion
the obvious size of LG 24" and dell 23" is also a + although ultrasharps have quite a good reputation for image quality.
Dell ST2310's price is quite attractive on special as well

LG 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor W2442PA-BF $349

Dell 2209WA 22-inch Ultrasharp Monitor $349 (only a 1680x1050 resolution! :( )

Dell ST2310 23-inch Full HD Monitor $249

What would you buy and why for a gaming pc? (RTS games and first person shooters, games like Oblivion)
cheers guys!
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  1. Basically if we disregard the LG monitor, what iam asking is if the clarity of the 22inch ultrasharp dell makes up for the smaller screen and resolution + higher price in your opinion, or is the ST2310 the go? I need an opinion from someone who knows a more technicalities involving monitors...
    Cheers guys
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