Why is my green light around my power button on my dell computer not working?

my green power button is not coming on .....
i have an inspiron Dell
why is this happening?
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  1. What model is yout Inspiron? Does this happen with both battery power and AC adaptor?
  2. it is a Windows 7 is that what you mean?
  3. i have always had it plugged in and there's always been a green light...now there's not
  4. Is the charging indicator light or other lights come on?
  5. i have a white button on the front , it's on....but the green light was under my 'power on' square button..i'm thinking it's a bulb blown,...???? but i can still
    work online, so don't trouble yourself too much, it's just annoying to me because if i have to step away and my screne goes blank...i wonder now is it on or off...
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