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slowing down?

Last response: in CPUs
June 21, 2003 3:19:05 PM

im having some 'weird' problems with regards to my cpu..
before when i first had the cpu and the motherboard, i found the limit of the fsb at 192, so i backed down to 190 to be safe. i was using the highest multiplier at the time, 12.5 (im using an epox 8rda+ board) and the speed was good at 2375Mhz or 2.39ghz..
recently i have been having problems with running it at even 12 x 190, so now im having to back down to 11.5 x 190 and as the fsb of the board is at its limit, i dont really want to push it further..
does anyone know whats happening with my cpu? is it dieing or something?
it used to work at about 1.65V @ 12.5 x 190, now its just managing to work at 11.5 x 12 @ 1.6V. even when i push it to 12 x 190 @ 1.7V, it wont finish 3dmark 2001se's default test, it crashes doing the theroy tests... i think its the first one after the nature test that it just stops...
please can someone tell me what the heck is going on? will i need a new cpu?

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong

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June 22, 2003 1:22:52 AM

Heya phill;

erm am i blind or did you forget to mention the brand and model number of your CPU, its kind of hard to diagnose the problem when we dont even know what you have.

June 22, 2003 2:33:35 AM

there are a number of varaibles ... 1st could be the cpu cooling is degrading?? just guessing here, so check your temp. 2nd, other components on your mobo could be overheating, if you oc your fsb really high, you are effectively ocing your pci, agp.. etc as well. one of the main problem with ocing the fsb is weather your Ram is able to withstand it as well. and other system componenets. so good ocable ram is a must.

i dont think your CPU is dieing, my experience with them are, if they work at that frequency then they'll continues to work, if if they overheat or somthing, then they just dies. there is no such thing as "slowly" degrading.
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June 22, 2003 10:18:03 AM

Also make sure the cpu interface is set to optimal. If not it can make a system very unstable when overclocked. Trust me i know.... Back down on the fsb rather than multiplier and go easy on memory timings.

2100xp @ 2300mhz (200x11.5 @ 1.9v)
Epox 8RDA3+ Nforce 2 ultra 400
2x512mb pc3200
ATI 9700 pro
3DMARK 2K1 = 16,000
June 22, 2003 11:20:22 AM

i forgot to mention the chips numbers etc sorry!!

xp1700 JIUHB 0313 280146 (or something like that)

thats all i can remember off hand..

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 22, 2003 1:46:51 PM

heya phill;

Overclocking can be dangerous, and no two computer cores are the same, they all react differently. That being said i will cover a few things that i hope will give you good results, some people will dissagree with my recommendations but as in all things, each to his own.

I recommend you leave your voltage at factory default, and just overclock the CPU external frequency as far as it will go and be stable. im guessing you can get 150 out of it without a problem and be perfectly stable, you were pushing that thing way too hard in my oppinion. even raising the voltage just a little bit does actually reduce the life expectancy of your CPU, and the cpu DOES degrade over time when you run it hot, the hotter you run it the faster it degrades, the imigrants are over running the boarder as it were hehe.

You need to manually set your AGP/PCI frequency to 33/66, this will force them to stay at the correct frequency instead of dynamically overclocling like they do in auto mode.

Manually set your ram timings at 2.5-3-3-6, this will provide stability as well. the farther you OC your ram past its designed frequency the looser you have to run the timings, also some BIOS give you the option to run your ram in [normal, fast, turbo, and ultra] Mode dont set that past *fast when you are overclocking and it will be fine.

you are likely seeing the effects of a combination of things, more then just one thing.

Im hoping this will solve your issues.

I hope i have helped.

June 22, 2003 3:04:26 PM

i do try and do most of the things you say.. for example with default voltage i was able to get my other cpu and epox board to do 10 x 200 no problems.. but this board is pants because its a A2 revision and not the C1 that everyone raves about..
simply lowering the multiplier and setting the vcore at 1.6v (was more than enough i thought for testing out...)i did a test on all the boards i have here with pretty much the same cpu and memory (corsair xms3200LL stuff..)
with my motherboard the epox 8rda+ i managed to get it to about 192 fsb before it went mad.. on my 8rda3+ i was able to take it all the way to 222fsb and then with my abit nf7-s i was able to get it to 225fsb with the memory set at cas 2 2-2-6 on all the three boards and the memory voltage was set to 2.77. on both the 8rda3+ and the nf7-s they went to nearly 220 fsb before i needed to up the voltage on the memory to get it to boot and test properly.. i was very happy, but when it came to overclocking the cpu on the 8rda3+ it simply wouldnt boot at anything more than 11 x 200, i have no idea why.. something to do with the cpu i imagine.. im able to set the agp speed, but im not sure what the dividers mean in the abit board and im not a 100% if they have them in the 8rda3+ board either.. what would i have to set it at to get it to boot at 33/66?
well, im not sure what im going to have to do, but i hope that if it does go i will just simply replace the cpu and no worry a thing about it!! i just hope i get a better one that overclocks more!!
thanks for the help!

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 22, 2003 3:53:59 PM

heya phill;

Your are an overclocking madman heheh

I say if it makes ya happy do it, and btw you got some big balls man i would never try and overclock to the extreme you do, im afraid to lose my investment.

Tear it up bro!

June 22, 2003 4:46:50 PM

well with that sort of test you would be very hard pushed to loss anything.. if data is worrying you, a simple clone or backup of the data you need most will easly be a big help if it all goes pete tong..
i dont think i go too far because many more people go further and faster than i ever will go.. im not talking about ln2 cooling or anything like that, just water cooling and such.. there was a guy that managed a 100% overclock with his xp1700 on -7 water @ 2.1vcore.. now thats extreme!!
the cpu isnt such a huge loss for when you can have another one for just under £45.. i know its more money you might not have bothered paying out, but wheres the fun in that???!!
i have this thing booting at 12 x 200 before, but its just all gone pete tong and not worked long enough for benchmarking.. my aim was for 2.5ghz @ 200fsb or better.. but i havent the board at the moment for overclocking.. the 8rda3+ is the board as its a C1 stepping and works so much better than the A2 revision i have.. when and if i need a new one, i will use the other board and go for it.. no more than 1.7v can be used tho on the DLT3C chips, more can be used on the DUT3C chips but they dont clock so well.. life is just full of choices!!!!

what are you running on your setup?

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 22, 2003 7:51:51 PM

heya phill;

My computer core consists of the following:

CPU; intel p4 2.4Ghz~533, overclocked to 150fsb.

motherboard: Asus p4g8x-deluxe, in dual channel mode, i love this thing its the best mobo ive ever had, its extremely overclocking friendly, flawless in operation and the quality of the onboard hardware is excellent.

ram: 2x512 of overclock samsung pc3200 DDR

as far as the rest of my computer goes:

Video card: Asus v9280S - ti4200 128MB 8xAGP Super Fast

Hard drive: SATA - Seagate Barraccudda 120gb

OS: win2k pro

Over all im happy, it has done well for me, and i havent had any trouble playing any games, i can play any game out at max graphics details without any system or video lag.

June 22, 2003 9:45:03 PM

well sounds like a nice setup mate..
i have three pc's, one for each of the family!! my girl friend, her son and myself has all the same sort of thing, nforce 2 board, xp1700 cpu (they will have a 1gig of memory and a 9700 pro when i have the money) but at the moment hey have 512mb, geforce 2 gts in one and a geforce 3 ti200 in the other and the norm, hard drive, cd writer and dvd rom drive as well..
i miss my 9700 pro, as im also using a geforce 3 ti 200.. man there is such a difference!! we are all using xp pro, but i also have 98 as well, but the one game i want to work or that used to work in 98 dont and im so annoyed about that its unreal!! stupid need for speed road challenge... oh and driver, that works, just...
im looking to get a new ati graphics card, but theres minimal differences between the 9700 pro and the 9800 pro, so i dont want that one.. maybe the one after? any idas when thats coming out?
anyways, i hope things go well, im 3dmark 2001se score that im trying to hit (18k by the way) im just ever so slightly off.. but that was with one of the cpu's i have here and a epox board that would do 206 fsb x 11 multiplier.. cant seem to bet it regardless of what i try and set the speed to now.. bugging the hell out of me..
anyways, talk soon and thanks for the help!

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 23, 2003 2:27:55 AM

heya phill;

you know how it is they always release a new one right before christmas so they can make their profit during that busy season where everyone is in the mood to give till it hurts...and hurt it does ROFL

i dunno just wait for a few months and see what happens on that, and of course the price on their previous flagship comes down quite a bit so they can promote their new one.

i wish i could be more help on your stuff but it just sounds kinda off to me i dont understand why it would do that.

btw im thinking of writing a graphics card FAQ lemme know if your interested in collaborating on it, im gonna need some help its a big can of worms to open hehe

June 23, 2003 8:18:32 AM

your cpu is getting "tired". any cpu only lasts a finite amount of time before it starts to fail.. when you oc you drastically reduce this amount of time. im guessing that your cpu just cant keep that speed anymore. back it down a bit and you will be fine
June 23, 2003 11:10:00 AM

Yeah, that's probably his problem. ('Electron migration' is it? I think...)

I know you say you know of people who OC further than you, but near 2.4Ghz <b>is</b> at the more extreme end of the XP1700+ chips - I can't get mine beyond 2.25Ghz for instance (well, not at anything up to 1.8VCore, and I'm not willing to go higher...), and I've not seen many get 2.3Ghz and beyond.

One other point: What's the weather like where you are? a Few degrees warmer ambient temperature will mean your CPU is also a few degrees warmer - have you noticed an increase in your temps at all?

I suspect it's more the actual clockspeed of yer CPU, and not the FSB that's the problem. Have you tried it with a higher FSB and lower multiplier? (mine's 196x11.5 & stable - I <i>think</i> it's either 1.55 or 1.6 Vcore - can't remember exactly)

I would say stop chasing huge benchmark scores, as you'll probably never notice the difference in actual games, but I'm the same myself :lol: 

Good luck with the room heater.... :smile:

:smile: :tongue: :smile:
June 23, 2003 4:33:14 PM

well its not to worry, hopefully it just wont die this month and will let me sort out my account before it does!! but still its only £45 so its not like its a huge amount of money should it decide to go pete tong..
will performance continue to degrade with the cpu or will it stop?

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 23, 2003 4:36:55 PM

yeah, the graphics q&a sounds great, im always there for a bit of a '2 cents' worth if nothing else with pc's!!
i wasnt thinking of doing anything just yet anyways, i have 2 gigs of memory to buy, another 9700 pro and a dvd rom.. so it will be a little while before anything like a faster graphics card is bought!!!
thanks anyways, and like i said, if you want a hand doing the q&a thing, just pm me and we can chat about it and i can send you my email if you need it etc..

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 24, 2003 10:58:49 AM

put it this way.. if you continuously red-line your car engine would youexpect it to last a long time? ease off the oc by 300-400MHz and it will probably be fine for a year at least.. if you need to put it back down to stock and it will be fine for good few years
June 27, 2003 7:03:21 AM

well i will say one thing about the car tho... if i was red lining it in 2nd gear all the time i would be in trouble.. not just with the car after some time, but the police!!! it kinda breaks the speed limit..

anyways, yeah i get what you are saying, but when this cpu goes, i will just replace it and get a newer one.. hopefully it will clock better than the one i have so i can have a faster cpu, even if its only a couple hundred mhz.. my aim : 2.5ghz...
in other words: im going to see how it goes!!!

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
June 27, 2003 8:33:03 AM

LOL... was just thinking that your sig is very appropriate... :lol: 

$hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.