CD player only goes up to track 11


My daughter's just noticed that her CD player won't play any CDs past track 11, despite there being 20+ tracks on some of her CDs. manual forwarding through track 11 and it comes to a sudden stop. we've tried it on 2 CDs as e first thought it was the CD, but same on both. Any ideas?

She's had it a couple of months, I'm sure I've seen it show at least #12 on the display before.
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  1. Does it stop playing during track 11 -- could be an obstruction on the laser carriage.

    Another possible cause is if the drawer is not registering that a fresh CD has been put in and assumes that the previous (which may have fewer tracks) is still being played. On my deck that has this fault, is cleared by turning off the player, so is probably not the cause in this instance.
  2. Hi

    Yes, it does stop during track 11. How would I fix such an obstruction if that's the case?

    It is a top-loading player so doesn't have a drawer, but will certainly try turning it off and on again at the wall to see if that's the case. normally we just turn it off on the switch on the player itself, whcih probably wouldn't clear it.

    Thanks for the reply!
  3. I think you were right, it just wasn't registering the changed CD. turning it off and on between CD changes has stopped that happening. Although it was stopping mid-way through track 11, so unless it picked up that the original track 11 was a certain length, and stopped it there (no idea if that might be possible!) I've no idea what was going on.

    Thanks though. One happy daughter!

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