**computer starts but NO VIDEO**

Recently I built a new computer with an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard. The first time I started it up, all the fans and lights and everything ran, but nothing came out to the monitor. The green light on the monitor just kept on blinking but there was no output whatsoever. I reseated the video card and everything worked. After installing the OS and changing some BIOS settings, I shut off my computer. When turning it back on, I ran into the same problem. (Please keep in mind that in this period of time, I had shut off and reset my computer many times and I never had a problem.) Everything seemed operational, but there was no video output. So obviously, I tried reseating my video card hundreds of time but it never seemed to work. I looked up this problem on the internet and it came up with a number of results. From everything I read, the main solutions seemed to be:

-Reseat the memory
-Reset CMOS / BIOS
-Check if everything is plugged in correctly

If none of that worked, supposedly the MB was fried.
I tried all of the 3 solutions, but none of them worked.

I tested the video card and monitor already and both of those are working fine. My PSU pumps 400 watts and hopefully that's enough, but in order to test that I unplugged the hard drive, floppy, cd-rom, and all fans...unfortunately that didn't help either.

The last change I made:
Whenever I restarted the computer, it seemed to freeze at the POST screen after it did the memory check and the only thing that worked was if I pressed delete to enter BIOS. The wierd thing is that it worked when I shut off the computer and turned it back on again. So I took apart the computer again and flipped the direction of those wires that fit into the booting and rebooting leads on the motherboard. Everything seemed to work OK after that...there was still video output and everything. After entering Windows XP again, I uninstalled some unnecessary programs, updated the BIOS version via the ASUS update program, and I restarted the computer (btw, i noticed that the standby button was greyed out) but I faced the same result; the computer would stop after checking the memory. I shut off the computer, and when trying to turn it back on, there was no video. :(

No idea what the problem is, but perhaps that standby being grayed out could mean something? ..maybe not.

Hopefully this can be fixed.


P.S. btw, I hear no beep when starting up
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  1. I think you´d better give some more info on your system. What type of CPU are you using, and at what FSB/Multiplier? What is the model and timing of your RAM? You could try setting your RAM timings from BIOS, try using 2.5-3-3-6 or 2-3-3-6, I believe these work on most new systems.
  2. I am using a AMD Athlon XP 2500+ and at the time, it was only running at 1.09 ghz so I doubt that was the problem. I would try your suggestion about setting the RAM from BIOS except there is no video output so I can't even reach BIOS :(

  3. These sorts of weird intermittent problems can occur with a dodgy power supply. I know you said it was 400W, but what make is it? cheap ones often fail to deliver anything near what they claim. Could you try borrowing one from a friend maybe?

    You said to test the PSU you unplugged HDDS, CDS, and <b>all fans</b> did that include the CPU fan? many boards won't boot if they think the CPU fan has failed, as a safety precaution. you could try that test again, leaving just Video, Mem, CPU [+fan] plugged in, and see if that helps...


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  4. dell make computers.. i suggest you buy one
  5. A good read....
    <A HREF="http://firingsquad.gamers.com/guides/power_supply/

    <b><font color=green>MY SYSTEM</b></font color=green>" target="_new">http://firingsquad.gamers.com/guides/power_supply/

    <b><font color=green>MY SYSTEM</b></font color=green></A>
  6. Heh, i got a $11 psu. Ran prime95 fo 14 hours...

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  7. Just out of curiousity. You don't happen to have a LCD monitor do you? Sometimes I've seen where the refresh rate on the card is set to a higher number than the LCD can support.
  8. wow thanks for all the prompt replies.

    After conducting a series of tests, I concluded that it was my CPU that was causing the problem. Since I'm running an ASUS a7n8x deluxe, there is an on-voice thing that tells the user what may be preventing the computer from passing POST. I did not hear anything even after I unplugged everything except the CPU and memory. I finally got a response after I removed the CPU and it just looped "No CPU installed." But when I put it back in, I received no message and just continued to get the same result with no video output.

    I sent back the CPU to AMD and I am still waiting for a new one to come.

    Thanks for all the input,
  9. Just remember with retail versions of cpus, there is little error for fault. So make sure you give the lever on the cpu housing a pump or two to make sure there a a secure connection. I've seen a ton of people not setting the cpu properly.

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  10. ______________________________________________________

    dell make computers.. i suggest you buy one

    Where is the fun in buying a computer but not building one.

    How many memory cards u got? Try one at a time if u got more than one. I had the problem with Athlon and the comp won't even come on. I finally tried a different Athlon and it worked and I got the damaged one replaced.

    What's the light on the tower? Green or Amber? Solid or Blinking?

    Try checking the monitor. Do you hear OS loading? Most of the new monitors got this self test feature. Turn it off, disconnect it from the comp and then switch on and u should see some thing like NO SIGNAL CHECK CABLE. Above all holds provided ur monitor has self test feature.
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