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I would like to build a dual monitor PC that can support running Photo editing software OR Playing Video games OR watching DVD's on one monitor (ofcourse I only want to run one at a time on 1st monitor) and at the same time surfing the internet on the 2nd monitor. I was wondering if this is possible if I use Dual Monitor and Dual Processors? If so what would Mobo & Video Card would you suggest going with. Cost is not a problem. I was thinking of the ATI AIW Radeon 9700 Pro or the 9800 Pro as the video card. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. heya diesel;

    Nah you dont need dual CPU's, a p4~2.6Ghz~800 will do the job just fine, the hyperthreading allows more multitasking and multimedia capability.

    As far as video cards go, some cards do better then others on the second DVI/vga out port, research this and you will be fine. My Asus v9280S does extremely well displaying on two monitors at the same time.

    As far as motherboard goes, there can be only one! Asus.
    Dual channel is the way to go, you will need it trying to do that much multimedia and multitasking.

    I hope i have Helped.

  2. Like Xee stated,,there's no need for the dual processors for a multiple monitor setup. In fact I'm running 4 19" Trinitron CRT monitors on a Stock (with the exception of added Graphics cards) Dell Dim, 8200 P4 2.4 gig with 512Mb of RDram. I'm using the Dell factory AGP card for one monitor, a Dual head matrox (added PCI card) for 2 and a cheap 64mb Nvidia (PCI)card for monitor #4. I'm surprised at the load the RDram can process but I do start to notice a bit of lag when I have about 10 browser windows open along with my trading software running, so I'm adding another 1gb to the system. fwiw, I'm just starting to build a new work horse,, Gonna go with Dual DDR and the P4 3.0 800FSB with HT and lots of Ram. 1 Dual head AGP card and one dual head PCI card for starters.


  3. dual is not needed. but you will run into trouble if you want to run full screen games and do anything else on the other monitor. i cant get it to work, even with new games.

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  4. Hi! I use 2 monitors, there is no need for 2 cpus (unless your line of work such as a server, requiers it), any many modern vidoecards, such as the ATI 9000 series supports dual displays but beware, the ATI AIW cards only suports one VGA monitor and uses the TV-output for the second display. (there is simply no room on the back of the card for a second VGA/DVI output). To keep it simple, if you want to use 2 VGA monitors (or Flatpanels with DVI inputs) make shure that the card you are getting have 2 VGA/DVI outputs. If you going to use one VGA monitor and a tvset as your secondary display then its enough with any card with a "tvoutput". Just one thing, stay away from Innovisions Nvidia Geforce4 series, I don't know why, but they do have inferior refreshrates at higher resolutions.



    PS, if you want to se how dualmonitor features can be like go to www.matrox.com and check their demos. (no don't get a matrox card if you want to do some serious gaming)
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