New computer configuring frm 32 to 64 bit?


Just bought a new Toshiba U500 01c laptop. Anyway, when I started it up it said did I want 32 bit or 64, and I'd been advised to select 64. I was also told that the laptop was automatically configured to 32 bit and that it will take approx 40min to reconfig to the 64.

Anyway, for about an hour now the computer has been 'configuring' and restarting and I'm a little worried that this isn't normal...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. It's normal, as it is re-installing Windows, i.e. 64 and 32 bit Windows are two completely different versions, at least under the hood.
  2. it is normal but please keep in mind, that not all software supports 64-bit Windows... but for performance and security, 64-bit is overall better than 32-bit...

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