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i recently snapped a head phone jack in the panel on the front of my pc. because of this my speakers dont have sound because the the jack is now muteing the panel as it should. i unplug the audio cable from the mother board conected to the front panel,but stil no sound comes from the speakers. i`ve read than u can disable the front panel so only the rear panel is used. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Presumably a desktop computer -- open the case and follow audio lead from the front panel to the motherboard -- you can usually just pull the connector.
  2. i tried doing that but still no sound. sorry yes its a phillips mt1400 freevents. windows xp.p4 3.06ghz. realtek ac-97 audio.
  3. Disconnecting should solve the mechanical muting.

    Go through all the sound options via Windows Control Panel.
  4. there is no option to disable the front panel just basic solutions to audio levels and speaker configs.all levels are at max so that isnt a problem.
  5. See if you can get the broken plug barrel out of the socket -- something very sharp pushed into it and yanked out.

    I suspect even this would not help because disconnection should have done it. There may be damage caused by the signal shorting when the plug broke.
  6. i tried to get the broken jack out. the wires going to the front panel are all sealed in a plastic unit. so i cant get behind it and because the jack snapped of inside i cant find anything to hook it out with as theres no space around the edge.
  7. See if you can find a drill bit fine enough and bore into it (gently)
  8. i could, is there anything i can do in the bios
  9. Not as far as I know -- the front jack can be isolated from the motherboard by pulling out the connector (assuming you have identified the correct lead and connector).
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