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is there a free software to removal of the bios password upon startup for sony viao?
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  1. You will get no help with password removal here. There is no way of knowing if you are the legal owner of the computer.
  2. I've got deals at pawn shops with laptops with locked BIOS. Always worked to my benefit. Wrong site to ask questions like these.
  3. I second that, too often that sort of question relates to a stolen laptop.
    After all if it was your laptop, then your the only person who should no the bios password unlock. Makes sense dose it not. Its the same question about a Bios HD password lock. Its been put on there by someone to protect the data on the laptop if some thief steals it. After all would you not want to protect your most important and sensitive data I ask you. If you want to know the password you could always ask the person it was stolen from. You may be reading this or not, it may sound a bit harsh but things do not happen like that if your the genuine owner of the laptop do they.
    Unless your too stupid to remember the password you entered yourself Locking you out.
  4. lol.hiding in plain sight with a user name that sounds alot like "stealtech", but if you are the owner then sony are more than happy to help you recover your master password aslong as you can provide proof of ownership and id.
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