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I need a B&W only printer for home use. Cartridges tend to dry up as I don't use it a lot. Suggestions?
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  1. Find a inexpensive laser printer on sale. Sometimes you can find laser a printer for less than $100.00. For example, Brother laser printers can be bought for sometimes as low as $50.00.

    You will get around around 1000-1200 pages per cartridge. The manufactures base the amount of pages on 5% coverage of toner on a page, so it depends on what you are printing. Toner cartridges don't dry up since it is a powder. Occasionally they might clump up due to humidity but usually
    shaking them fixes that. It might a year or more for that to happen.

    Also. I would like to mention because many people don't think about it. If you are just printing out letters and documents, use the less bold fonts and that saves you money on cartridges costs.

    Happy printing,

    the Prisoner
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