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I take a photo from my camera shot. put it in word and reduce its size. I then copy it so I can have multiple copies on one A4 sheet to print out. Everything looks fine on screen ie 3 photo's on a page but when I print - the colour is just pink and the photos are blurry/disjointed/cant see them. How can I fix this please. I have office 2007/Vista
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  1. I'm almost sure that the problem is not with the Office software (in your case Word), and probably not Windows's problem to.

    The problem I think is with the printer itself, or to be more specific, with it's ink cartridges that are not aligned (an internal technicality of the printer in which the cartridges don't release the ink where, and in the rate that they should).

    Another reason can be, the most common problem in printers: the ink doesn't last for ever, the ink is probably about to run out or it has already did and you are printing with the last residue of the tank.

    If the cartridges are new/you know that they are full, try uninstalling the printer from your computer, install it again, and then it should ask you to do the aligning process.

    I don't think that the problem is software related but any way, try playing with the printing options of Word before you print, maybe someone touched it and caused this problem.

    I hope it was useful.
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