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Hi all,
So i've been getting a strange problem with my keyboard today. I boot my lappy, get to the password screen, type the pass, get to the desktop then i can't use the keyboard anymore.

Nothing responds. But then i start typing anything on my keyboard and eventually some letters will appear with the last one usually getting stuck (not mechanically stuck though). to stop this i have to hit random keys till it stops... it looks like this:


so it just works, then the key get stuck, i smash my keyboard then it stops and keyboard doesnt work anymore then it eventually starts acting up again if i press some keys.

I hooked up a usb keyboard which acts normally, i tried uninstalling then reinstalling the keyboard driver, booted in safe mode, did a registry cleanup, restored a registry back up, did a system restore (that failed because of some missing driver), tried the "last known good configuration" from the boot options.

The laptop is a lenovo 3000 y410 7757, running windows 7 x64 ultimate.
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  1. The keyboard ROM has probably gone bad. Contact your hardware vendor to inquire about a replacement keyboard.
  2. thx for your reply. i just did that, keyboard looks dead.
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