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I have a friends computer (really, my friend) that has vista (originally) installed on it but was not booting. it would only flash a blue screen quickly and then reboot. So he tried to install XP to get it to at least fix the blue screen issue. That did work but there were no drivers for nvidia components that would install from XP.

The original recovery partition is still there (D:) but how can I either create those recovery discs or what folders\files would I search for to run setup from that partition to restore it to factory installed state?

There are folders named C:\windows.old, c:\windows, and the XP folder (c:\winxp).
There are numerous files still in the first two, but the drivers\setups that I had found there only work with Vista or newer. No restore points that can be located from the system recovery screen. (also have a vista recovery disk from Dell, (not HP) that I get error messages when it tries to expand setup files during attempted install)
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  1. What is the model number of the HP Pavilion? You can check the HP website for a user manual which will have instructions on doing a factory restore. Usually there is some function key or key combinations you use on boot to get to a factory restore menu.
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