Not sure which PC is right for me.

I'm also not sure is this is the appropriate place to put this topic, so sorry in advance if not.

Basically I want to get into PC Gaming, My brother has a PC that is by no means high end but it can manage games like Planetside 2 on Medium

My budget is around £400 - £450 I've seen 3 computers on that seemed reasonably priced.

The PC's:

My brother has the Hawk II and like I said it seems good value for money, but looking at those 3 PC's and there Spec's which do you think this better and why, I mainly intend to play Planetside 2 on this system.
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  1. Which three? None of them showed up on your post.
  2. Click "Spoiler:" And the links will show
  3. Thanks, just did that. Will return in a moment.
  4. After looking at the specs for each I would go with the CCL Elite Kite III Gaming PC. The i3 uses less power and may outperform the AMD 4170. The AMD 7770 graphics card gets higher marks for gaming than the GTX 550 Ti.
    Link to thread on the CPU's:
  5. Yeah after researching a bit and reading the article:,review-32544.html It seems the i3 its superior in nearly every scenario then AMD 4170, So it seems the Kite III gets the best of both worlds from the Hawk II and the Kestrel II Thanks for your help
  6. My pleasure, glad to help.
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