Help with speakers!!!

I am a newbie and i want to fix a set of speakers i saw lying around my house.

There are two speakers, each with a set of wires(black and black with white stripe)
The audio port from the speakers is missing, there aren't any other cable from the speakers.

The power handling capacity is 12 W.
And impedance is 6 ohms

I am completely lost first of all how do you power this?...can we power it with a us port and also i don't know which cable belongs for powering and which for audio.

I apologize if my description is ambiguous. Someone help me!!! I appreciate the time you are spending for me!!
oh by the way what does impedance mean anyway?
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  1. the speakers you have do not include a power amp
    you need powered speakers to hook to the computer, these speakers won't work that way.
  2. You could use them if you have a spare hifi amplifier or receiver -- but 12watts isn't exactly an exciting spec.

    I think, as above, you need to buy some computer speakers.
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