How to connect 2.1 speaker system to htpc via hdmi


Can anyone tell me the best, quickest and cheapest possible way of connecting my htpc to a 2.1 speaker system while still getting video through my t.v plz?
I currently have an hd4770 connected to my lcd tv through hdmi but the sound from the t.v isnt so good so looking to throw in a 2.1 speaker system. The speaker system im looking at has 1 hdmi interface but no output so how do i connect my htpc to the two of them? do i need a splitter of some sort? if so which one?

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  1. What audio connections does your motherboard have? 1/8" analog (headphone jacks), optical or coaxial S/PDIF?

    Ideally, you get a home theater setup with a receiver that has HDMI in and HDMI out. You connect the PC to the receiver and then connect the receiver to the TV. The receiver passes through the video to the TV while it handles the surround sound audio.

    If you get a setup without HDMI out, but only HDMI in you can still send your PC directly to your TV, then send a separate audio cable (listed above) to the speaker system.
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