How to increase refresh rate from HDMI PC to HDMI TV?

Hi there. I just purchased an HDMI Cable, gold plated and such. I then hooked it up to my Sony Vaio, which does have an HDMI Port evident on it. I also have the nVidia 9800 GT graphics card, with 64bit Windows Vista, as well as 4GB of RAM. The TV is a pioneer plasma, I'm not sure how to check the other specs on it.

Anyways, after hooking the cable to the TV through it's HDMI port, as well as to my computers HDMI port, I managed to get everything working. But when I went to watch a movie from the laptop, to the TV, everything was really choppy. I am assuming it was the refresh rate, so I attempted to raise it up from 60hz, but it can't go higher then that. So I figured I'd ask here, and see if I could get any assistance with my issue.
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  1. HDTVs max out at 60Hz, yes even those LCD HDTV claiming 120Hz and 240Hz as well. 120Hz HDTVs operates differently than a 120Hz PC monitor.

    Just to clarify, watching a movie on the laptop results in no issues, but when watching it on the plasma HDTV the video is choppy.

    I would try updating or re-installing the nVidia drivers. Also try borrowing a HDMI cable just in case your cable is defective.
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