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I have set up a surround sound set up consisting of logitech z 2300 and klipsch pro media 2.1 making the front speakers and subwoofers and i have a logitech x 540 making up the center, rear and side channels. Even when i turn the side and rear channels up all the way from the realtek audio manager i still can barely rear anything coming from those speakers unless my ear is right up against them. Is it the speakers or another factor? Is there a better audio manager that will allow me to boost the volume further?
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  1. is enough power getting to the speakers?

    seems to me that you have:
    (kipsch promedia 2.1, logitech z-2300 2.1, logitech x-540 5.1)

    2x front left
    2x front right
    1x center
    1x right rear
    1x right side
    1x left rear
    1x left side
    1x rear center
    (3x subs- self powered)

    if they are all plugged into the back of your computer you are most likely exceeding the power ratings on your sound card ports. if you want to run so many speakers perhaps you should buy yourself an a/v receiver capable of powering them.
  2. ok sounds good
    any recommendations for a specific a/v receiver?
  3. oh and on the side the set up is

    2x front left
    2x front right
    1x center
    1x rear right
    1x side right
    1x left rear
    1x left side

    all of the speakers are attached to the subwoofers, the subwoofers are not individual. Does that make any difference to what you are suggesting I do?
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    i suppose i spoke a little too soon when i suggested an a/v receiver...
    i still agree with the diagnosis (lack of power) though.

    yes, an a/v receiver can power that many speakers.
    no, after thinking it over more it will not work for you.

    the problems i see are as follows:

    - a/v receiver outputs connect to either a bannana clip or bare wire lead. computer speakers have phono plug ends typically.

    -a/v receiver outputs (and HT speakers) have two wire leads, i dont think pc speakers are two channel.

    -RF computer speakers typically have a special cable (for control knob)


    i probably shouldnt have suggested the solution in the first place but i wasn't thinking apples to apples as i should have been.

    you can probably get at least a 7.1 system (maybe more if you dont overload the maximum w per channel) hooked up with a pci sound card that has an extra connector pin for power.
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  6. thanks for the advice
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