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I bought a new Samsung Syncmaster 2033, 20" flat panel two months ago. It was running just fine. Since last 2 weeks I'm facing a serious problem, my monitor starts flickering when I play music in high volume or watch movies ... they are like banded patterns scrolling up down with the rhythm of the music and they increase with high pitch sound or if I raise the volume but dissapear if I mute or power off the speakers. I have two small JBL stereo speakers without any subwoofer. I've tried a lot of thing like putting the VGA cable away from the speaker line and away from the power line but nothing solves the problem. Probably speakers are causing the problem...

Desparate for a solution .... Please HELP !!!!!
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  1. I'm sure they are!

    I wonder if something happened to the circuitry that causes the display to be interrupted by the sound.... My CRT can do that if i sing really high or low. (or loud!)
  2. Check Radio Shack there is a little gaget (think it is called a ferrite bead) It opens up and goes over your cable to shield it from outside interference. Make sure you get one that the hole is big enough for your cable.
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