Lenovo T61 stand by problem

Hi guys,

I have a client that is having difficulty with their laptop randomly going into stand by.
Sometimes it occurs in succession, only coming out of standby long enough to go back in again.
The laptop is out of warranty, but is otherwise undamaged.
I have seen multiple threads on the internet, but no solutions I have found seem to work.
Last week I thought I had it figured out when I disabled services and it stopped, but it just stopped not because of what I did...just because.
I have reloaded the laptop recently and it was fine for a few days before it started doing it again.

Of note is the fact that it DOES NOT do in Safe Mode or in diagnostic boot at all.
I have disabled all services, both windows and extra's to no avail.
I have disabled everything in power settings.
I just recently applied the registry hack to disable stand by from Kelly's Corner and it still managed to do it today somehow.
If we don't find a solution soon, we will have no choice but to either depot the laptop ($547) or just scrap it altogether.
It's 2 years old now, and one day it just started doing all of this.

Does anyone have any ideas...oh I already tried tweaking the bios (there are not that many settings).

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  1. Unfortunately, if none of those tweaks and hacks have worked, it may be hardware related. If it is out of warranty, your last effort may be to take it to someone who has dealt with the issue before and knows how to fix it. If not, it may be time to scrap it. But then again, may be someone else here knows another fix not yet tried.
  2. buwish,

    Thanks for the reply. I am about to come to the same conclusion, but the only thing that puzzles me is why the behavior does not happen in safe mode or in diagnostic mode. As mentioned I shut off every service trying to isolate the problem and unforunately it "stopped" before I had a chance to find out. That's the thing, I don't know if what I am doing is having any effect because it might just stop doing it altogether at any moment and may start again at any moment. It's very frustrating to both the client and I.

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