I have a Behringer mic what do i need to plug it in to my 1/4" jack

Ok here are the details I have a Behringer xm8500 which is a low impedance microphone with an xlr output. Now my Reciever Amp is a Technical pro Rx-B33 It has 2 1/4" mic input jacks. At first I had an xlr to 1/4" trs adapter hooked to a xlr cable and then plugged in. This resulted in a very very quiet mic. I contacted Behringer and they just said it might be the adapter. So I ordered an xlr to 1/4" mono microphone cable. Will this work or will I be required to purchase a preamp? Keep in mind that this reciever amp was built for karaoke and is supposed to have an intigrated amp/equalizer in it for the mics. Thankyou
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    a 1/4" to XLR cable should work...
    the mic cable has 3 conductors, +, -, and ground
    the black wire+ connects to 1/4" tip
    The white wire and the ground (braid) connects to 1/4" sleeve (-)
    if your receiver has a mic input, it already has a mic preamp.
    you should be using a mono 1/4" plug, 2 conductor, not stereo 3 conductor
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  3. Thank you for responding. I got my mono cable in the mail today and it worked great. The adapter I had before must have been a stero adapter but it did not specify that when i bought it. Thanks again!
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