What is the best hd media player?

I really want to get an HD media player for my TV. It supports 1080p and has a chip built in that can decode Avi, Divx, MP4 and other videos. It just cannot decode DTS audio format in MVK videos that I download..and those are most of the ones I want to play. I would like to buy a HDD movie player for the TV that can stream and store 1080p with the ability to decode DTS and other high end audio formats. Ethernet required and Usb 3.0 would be nice but not necessary. Any advice on what to consider?
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  1. Does any one have a real answer and not just spam??
  2. If you want something simple with a built in hard drive I would recommend looking into the WDTV live hub. The interface is reasonably good, it plays everything I tried and also plays online stuff as well. Also if you leave it running when not in use it has a media server built in, so you can play the media on the hard drive with other devices that support it (PS3, Xbox, other players).

    I've heard the patriot box office and asus oplay mentioned, the patriot played everything I tried and you can buy the drive separate to get the space you need, but the interface wasn't that great and I don't remember what it had for online content. Never tried the ASUS.

    Otherwise you can plug an external drive into most of the common streaming players. They are a bit cheaper, can do local network playback and may have a few more online services if you plan to use any of that.

    If you want to make sure it can do everything, I've put together Fusion based HTPC's running Linux for about $200 and running windows for around $300, although I didn't bother with an optical drive for either.
  3. Nice man great information. I have a question, can the WDTV live hub play mkv videos with DTS audio? That is really the only file I need it to decode for me.
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    WDTV Live Hub Supported Formats:
    MKA, AIF/AIFF, OGG, Dolby Digital, DTS
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